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Adventure Parties Fire Pixie Entertainment Here are a few comments from our customers.

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Erin was simply great! I was concerned about not having enough time for all the activities, but Erin got through everything. She did not act rushed. She was so sweet to all the kids. She especially made the Birthday girl feel important on her big day! My daughter was beaming she was so happy! I am also happy that my daughter will have such a special memory! Thank-you so much, Fire Pixie! I will totally recommend you to other moms.

Santa Clara, CA


Katie related to the children well. She had a truly warm and inviting presence that immediately drew the girls into the setting. Her costume was wonderful. She paid attention to each child. She kept them all completely interested for 1.5 hours! She was WONDERFUL!

Petaluma, CA

According to the weather report, September 21 was the wettest day for the Bay Area in 24 years. Erin arrived on time and still put on an exceptional show. Her positive attitude and effort ensured the success of the party. There is no doubt that without her the party truly would have been rained out - both physically and emotionally. Could not have been better. Communication, follow-up, punctuality, attitude, and rapport with the children were exceptional. Considering the extremely poor weather and how she muscled through the adversity is a testament to her work ethic your business. Very impressed.

Dublin, CA

Stephanie was a convincing Princess!!! Kids loved her. Fantastic voice, attitude, personality. Not just a beautiful Rapunzel but an excellent entertainer and very skilled. This was our first experience hiring a child's entertainer. We went to Disneyland a couple months ago and did the Princess Experience at Ariel's Grotto. So nothing less than a Disneyland Princess level entertainer was going to be convincing. I have to say, Stephanie was the best! She was actually better than some of the Disney Princesses we interacted with at Disneyland! I'd hire her again in a heartbeat. She made Maiya's 5th birthday memorable for a lifetime.

Cupertino, CA

I love that Alexis dressed like a minion to go with the theme of the party. She rocked! She was sweet and patient with the kids and professional even when a few men were hitting on her. She rocked! I am looking forward to working with Fire Pixie in the future.

San Lorenzo, CA

Jacob was on time, and offered to start with balloons first since all of our guests hadn't arrived yet. He was energetic and engaging with all of the kids (of all ages). Jacob went out to the playground to greet the birthday boy and bring him inside. Jacob tailored the scavenger hunt to the construction themed birthday and even had a map created for the birthday boy. He led the kids around during the indoor scavenger hunt since it was cold outside. The magic show was fun too for the kids and the birthday boy loved how he was the magician's helper!

I'm glad I went with Fire Pixie vs. other kid entertainers. The adults all asked how I found a builder to fit with my son's construction themed birthday party and I was happy to let them know about Fire Pixie! Thank you for making my son's birthday so memorable!

Fremont, CA

Julie did an awesome job!!! Not only my daughter but all girls had a blast. She was very friendly!!!! Excellent performance & it was very easy to book the party. Phone & e-mail response were outstanding!!! I will definitely give reference of Fire Pixie to my friends.

San Ramon, CA

Juliana looked very real and didn't look fake with a bunch of makeup and a wig. She was very real in her personality too, not overly energetic and cheesy. Everything was super easy from the booking and inquiring about how it works to the confirmation call from Juliana to her at the party.

Los Gatos, CA

Face painting was INCREDIBLE, but every activity that Erin chose with the kids simply enthralled the kids AND adults. Erin reached far beyond our expectations. We were incredibly happy with her and cannot imagine having had the party without her! Please do use me as a reference. :) We're SOOOOO happy with Erin and Fire Pixie!

Mountain View, CA

Lanie was an incredible Rapunzel from the moment she arrived at our daughter's party. Her costume and her flowing (and flowery) hair were showstoppers at the party. She entranced the girls (not an easy task with three and four-year-olds) with her puppet show, glitter tattoos and then her story (complete with beautifully sung songs from Tangled). They loved her, and she really kept them engaged for the 1.5 hours she was at the house. Lanie was amazing, and I think she was far and away the best birthday entertainment we could have imagined. We were so happy with our daughter's party.

San Francisco, CA

Julie was great -- lots of initiative (I led her to the table and she took it from there...), and the kids loved her. Julie also went out of her way to get there a little early, stay until all the faces were painted, and to give a lot of attention to the sister of the birthday boy. I would (and have already) highly recommend Fire Pixie to anyone planning a kids' party. Sophie, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to tell you how great Sara-D was last Friday for Storey's Barbie b-day party. She looked great in her costume and all the kids were so entertained by her! She easily kept their attention and were all so thrilled with their balloons. She was sweet and professional and a pleasure to have at our party.

San Francisco, CA

I just wanted to thank Lanie for doing such a great job with so many 4 year olds. She had a lot of energy and kept the girls engaged throughout the hour. Her energy was wonderful! Olivia wanted her back! It was so lovely to see such a happy birthday girl! Thanks!

Walnut Creek, CA

Erin: You are amazing! What a fabulous job with the Cinderella party today for Caroline's Birthday! You are so talented! All the moms were so impressed with your beautiful voice, variety of magic, dance, and games! You exceeded my expectations once again! The Cinderella themed activies were great, from the songs to the presentation for the ball, to trying on the glass slipper on all the girls! Your magic is magical! That is a challenge to keep 20, 5 year olds engaged completely for 1 and 1/2 hours!!!! The girls adored you and you really made the party a memorable one for all that attended. I would highly recommend you and I've been to a lot of birthday parties, and YOU ARE THE BEST!

Danville, CA

Andrew was delightful, and did a great job of being silly and funny while still maintaining control of 20 4 and 5 year olds. In the planning stage, over the phone, he was clear about his needs and plans, which I appreciated. The super hero training at the end was a nice touch. This made a large birthday party extremely manageable, and I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of everyone involved.

Berkeley, CA

Stephanie! She was truly AMAZING and TALENTED! Kids absolutely adored her and the parent guests were really impressed (and a lot of them took her cards). Had no idea she could do everything so well from balloon twisting to face painting to magic tricks - you name it. Such a delight to have her and so glad i went w/ her!!

Los Altos, CA

Thank you so much for such wonderful entertainment. My entertainer Lanie was such an excellent, patient girl, so full of affection and Love. She is the best. Could not thank her properly yesterday. She made my party a huge success. To my surprise she was able to entertain kids 3 yr olds and even 9 yr olds. I could not have asked for more. I am so glad I chose Fire Pixie. I shall surely recommend Fire Pixie to all my friends, not to forget online reviews.

Foster City, CA

I loved how Cinderella (Erin) approached the children and interacted with them. She made even my shy little 3 year old feel very comfortable. I also was very happy with the balance of attention. She did an awesome job of making my birthday girl the focus, but also including all the guests and making them feel special too.

Every interaction I had with Fire Pixie and Erin (Cinderella) was wonderful from start to finish. I was completely amazed at Erin's talent. She IS Cinderella. :-) She has an amazing range of talents and I found myself in awe just watching her with the children, singing, performing magic tricks, balloon twisting amazing creations, and so much more. Tears where running down my face as I watched my little Ella spontaneously begin seeing "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" along with Cinderella. Erin made Ella's 3rd birthday something we will never forget. Thank you so much!

San Jose, CA

I just wanted to say that Andrew and Naomi did a wonderful job on Saturday. It was my daughter's 1st birthday and although she won't remember anything of it they tried to make it really special for her and include her in the face painting and balloon twisting. Additionally they did a wonderful job with all the kids. Their talent with the balloons, tattoos and face painting was wonderful. I hope that I can hire the two of them later for other characters. Thank you for such a wonderful

Clayton, CA

It was our first time hiring a party entertainer, and we really really enjoyed it! Lanie was wonderful (she looked just like Sleeping Beauty!) and the kids absolutely loved her. I was impressed that all the kids (even the big ones) were transfixed on her during her puppet and magic shows. They loved it!! Our daughter had the most wonderful party thanks to Lanie! She made Kaia feel so special. Even today, Kaia said to me, "I can't believe that Princess Aurora came to my party!" It was so special and perfect. All the other parents raved about the party. And my husband, who had been hesitant about hiring Lanie (because of the cost), afterwards said that it was totally worth it! I look forward to hiring FirePixie in the future!

San Francisco, CA

Just wanted to give a shout out to our FAVORITE JESSIE/SARAH,

We were kickin' both heels up for the rootin tootin' jessie-licious hodown today!! Jessie was just so much fun and full of energy and enthusiasm with the kids. Birthday girl Abbey commented that she is soo much more beautiful than her doll. She told me she wanted to invite Jessie home with her so she could sit down and look at her some more, play games and show her around. =-) All the kids at the party had a great time and I want to thank Jessie for making it so special for my daughter especially, as well as the rest of the roundup gang... She is napping now, with snow globe beside her...and I am sure dreaming very sweet thoughts of today.

Thank you again for everything.

Redwood City, CA

We just had our daughter Zoraya's first birthday party today at Recess in San Francisco. We just wanted to say some kind words about Naomi. She was truly amazing I had so many parents come up to me and ask me where I had found her and how could they have her come to their kids' next party. Her work is really amazing. It was so great to see the kids running around the party with beautiful art drawn on their faces.

Also, she was professional and kind to all our guests. She arrived on time and got straight to work. She is extremely talented. She was a great addition to our party. Because of her, I would definitely work with Fire Pixie again and would recommend Fire Pixie to all my friends and family.

Thank you again!

San Francisco, CA

Julie has an amazing energy. She really knows how to entertain the kids. The kids loved the magic show. Face painting was perfectly timed. Not too long not too short, so that everyone got a turn without becoming impatient. Julie was really in her character, telling the kids about the ball she had to attend after the birthday party. It was funny because my son was jaleous and didn't want Cinderella to go the ball without him! Julie gave my son the proper amount of attention. He is kind of shy and really wanted to have Cinderella for his birthday but when Julie showed up he didn't really know how to manager his emotions. So Julie just ackowledged him as the birthday boy and then included the rest of his friends. Once in a while she would give him a little extra attention, just enough to remember that he was the birthday boy but not too much so he doesn't shut down. As a parent, i was amazed by Julie's energy and how she could capture the kids' attention. My son has a great birthday party and all his friends loved it too.

Pleasanton, CA

The Little Mermaid was never out of character. She kept the kids engaged the entire time. Her story telling was fabulous, bubble show was fantastic and dancing were so magical! The Jellyfish fight was a hoot! When she sang "A Part of Your World" the room was silenced with the beauty of her voice! All the guests, (even the dads) stopped talking and were in awe of her many talents. We just got back from 2 Disneyland trips and I don't think the Disney Ariel can match these talents!

Thanks you for exceeding my expectations! What a magical performance. Erin is so talented and so amazing with the kids. All the adults asked me where I found her and could not stop talking about her performance. I have hired characters and magicians from other companys in the past and I can say this was worth every cent. You delivered on the activities and more. The kids were mesmerized! Erin was professional, creative, talented, and beautiful! Outstanding!

Pleasanton, CA

Snow White was friendly, engaging and made my daughter's 4th birthday incredibly special. We had both boys and girls at the party and she included everyone equally. When the boys said they didn't want face painting and they would wait for balloons she informed them she could do their arms or hand - they were all SO excited! This was our 2nd year hiring an entertainer from Fire Pixie and to be honest I was nervous because last year Rapunzel (Stephanie) set the bar incredibly high. We even asked for her to attend this years party...however she was off for the weekend. Once I met Snow White (Sara D) I was quickly put at ease from the minute she engaged with the children. I am so pleased with the professionalism and SKILL of the entertainers! Thank you for making Liv the happiest birthday girl the past 2 years! Cheers! Gina (one incredibly happy mommy!)

Santa Clara, CA

This is to Princess Lanie.
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at our party. My daughters loved seeing you. I got a lot of good feedback re: you. Some of the mothers were quite impressed that you held all the kids' attention. I loved that you took charge and did your thing. I didn't quite know what to expect but I am so pleased with your show and your engaging way with the children. You really made the party a wonderful experience for all the kids. They all loved it. Everyone told me they had a great time. Thank you so much again!

Belmont, CA

This was Sleeping Beauty's (Erin's) second birthday party for Avery and she made Avery feel like they were old friends. Avery was so happy and was made to feel SO special. Thanks Erin! After yesterday's party, we may end up having to have another Sleeping Beauty party next year! Erin did a great job. The kids loved her, her face painting was beautiful and with her all of the parents were able to enjoy a relatively relaxing afternoon. This was our second Sleeping Beauty party (she did Avery's 4th and 5th birthdays) and we also used Fire Pixies last year for our son's Jedi Party. I can't imagine doing a party at our house without Fire Pixies. Thanks so much!

Orinda, CA

Luciana usually doesn't like costumed characters but she just loved Snow White. Lanie made her feel so special! Luciana had fun every single minute of Lanie's performance. All parents were impressed by how good Lanie was with the kids. Thanks to Lanie for an unforgettable birthday party for Luciana!

San Francisco, CA

Erin is a truly gifted entertainer. I first met her when she was spinning fire at an adult party, and found out that she also does Princess work. WOW, DOES SHE EVER! My five year old has been walking on a glowing pink cloud for days. Erin kept sixteen girls ranging in age from 3 to eight absolutely spellbound for the entire party, and my daughter the birthday girl felt truly special with all the birthday wishes and toasts that Erin led.

I knew Fire Pixie entertainers offer balloon twisting and face painting, opportunities for the princess to engage the kids one at a time, but I asked for activities that would keep the whole group entertained the whole time. My expectations were high, since I know Erin is the founder of Fire Pixie and trainer of many talented princesses, and even knowing that, she absolutely blew me away. The girls were attentive, delighted, and perfectly behaved for her entire stay. No bickering, no tantrums, just lace covered glee for all. Erin commands the room perfectly, and does it with sugar, never dropping character, never letting the energy drag slow or spiral out of control. I can`t recommend her enough.

For the price of a bare bones pump-it-up party, raise the bar. Hire a Fire Pixie entertainer, and do get Erin if you can!

Piedmont, CA

Oh my gosh! My daughter Kendall is still in Belle heaven! Erin was SO great! Everyone loved her and thought she was wonderful! I have thrown six birthday parties now (I know that doesn't seem like many) and this by far was the most fun. I will definitely be calling you all for every party I throw. Kendall wants another party next week :) Thank you again! To see Kendall so happy, it makes my heart smile!

Until the next party,

Valerie Keely
Alamo, CA

Our daughter Galilea's 3rd Birthday was a huge success and beyond our expectations! We have a big family and had more than 70 kids and cannot possibly say enough fantastic things about the six princesses; "Little Mermaid" (Erin), "Cinderella" (Catherine), "Belle" (Patrice), "Snow White" (Stephanie), "Jasmine" (Sarah) and "Sleeping Beauty" (Katherine) that came to entertain all the overly exited kids (and adults)! The six princesses were on-time, very beautiful and played their part with excellence. Upon their arrival they greeted my daughter and then our guest and immediately proceeded to sing happy birthday followed by a 15 minute magic show. After enchanting both the adults and kids they all broke up into separate groups and did amazing face painting, awesome balloons, tattoos and crafts. They were worked so fast that even the grown-ups were able to have their face painted. You guys are well worth it and are so happy I found Fire Pixie! I received so many complements from family that traveled as far as Fresno, Reno and Los Angeles and all local guests were memorized. Thank you for making our daughters 3rd birthday a memorable event! You princesses are awesome and

South San Francisco, CA

I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about our Cinderella, Erin, this weekend. My six-year-old daughter was enchanted! The party was even more than we had hoped for. The parents who stayed for the party repeatedly commented what a wonderful Cinderella we had. I was in complete agreement! A still more important review was that of my daughters. Meredith was delighted! She felt incredibly special, the source of extra magic and the wielder of a special wand. My younger child, who is almost three, said, "I want Cinderella to come home." I suspect that means to live with us permanently :) Erin was versatile - from magic to stories to songs to tea party manners to face painting to balloons. She was quite skilled in her management of the various personalities & ages at the party, and of the time flow. She was smooth, fast with her paint and balloons, but never made anyone feel rushed. I could not believe the artistry of her face painting, which is far more than I am used to seeing. Her pleasure in taking on the challenge of my husband`s face paint design and balloon requests (a salmon in each case) was a delight to us all. I could not have been more pleased. Truly. It was a magical afternoon, which Meredith will never forget. Nor will her friends!

, CA

Princess Stephanie made Nina feel incredibly special and wildly happy while remaining sensitive to her shy nature, all the while keeping seven of her aged 3-6 friends delighted and giggling with face and hand painting, balloon twisting, and magic. It was just the right speed for the age group--the perfect pitch of energy and engagement during which all (adults included) were entertained without being exhausted or over-stimulated at the end. Booking and planning was a cinch, start to finish. Both Erin and Stephanie confirmed before the event, putting this frazzled party-planning parent at ease, and free to talk to other parents during the party, all of whom wondered where the fabulous and enchanting Stehpanie came from, and how they might aquire her for their child's next event. I don't know how parents throw parties without you. I know it's possible (I've done it), but it's a lot harder, more stressful, and not nearly as much fun. Well, well done.

Millbrae, CA

Sarah arrived on time and once the cake cutting was completed, she took over the job of gathering the kids. She kept them engaged with her tricks and activities for 2 hours. All kids, girls AND boys, enjoyed her show and balloons. Many kids later told me they really like "Explorer Girl". Many grown-ups were impressed that Fire Pixie also does other shows, like fire shows etc. I am really glad I hired an entertainer from Fire Pixie!

Cupertino, CA

Thank you so much for making my son's 5th birthday party such a great event. Krista (the pirate) arrived right on time. She was courteous and discussed with me what activities I wanted her to do. Because all kids were in the pool, she offered to play her magic by the pool side. Although some of my son's guests are kids with special needs, all of them were very attracted by Krista's magic show. When I booked Fire Pixie, I was anticipating 15 kids and setting up to do 1-2 activities. However, two families who RSVP'd didn't make it and we actually had only 9 kids in the party. Krista was flexible enough to start four activities one shortly after another, which made our little guests very excited. Thank you for making my son's birthday so special! I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

San Jose, CA

I have never ever seen birthday party entertainment as great as this! Cinderella (Erin) came on time and did such a wonderful job from the magic show down to balloon twisting. The kids had so much fun and the adults were kept just as entertained. The parents at the party were very impressed! My daughter was so happy that Cinderella came to her party. It was a very magical moment for her...we could see it in her eyes and her smile. After the show, Cinderella took pictures with her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. She couldn't stop talking about it. Thank you Fire Pixie for making my daughter's 3rd birthday party such a memorable one!

Dublin, CA

I just wanted to let you know that Erin's show was really worth every penny we spent. She came as Ariel and did beautiful face painting to begin - then she wanted to start a play with my 5 year old daughter as the star. My daughter, the birthday girl, didn't want to participate so Erin immediately changed gears and offered to do balloon animals instead. My daughter was thrilled. My brother-in-law, who is extremely artisitic, was impressed with how detailed her balloon animals were... We had another person be "Arora" for us in July and there was NO comparison. I will definitely be hiring Erin again for our next princess party. Thanks for making my daughter's Ariel party so special!!

Hillsborough, CA

The party was a huge success, primarily because "Cinderella" had everything "magically" and fantastically arranged so that the kids were completetly enterained the entire party, including the adults. My granddaughter felt like a real princess, and had a smile the entire day! Cinderella was absolutely beautiful, and the kids just loved her stories, the magic show, dancing and games, the special balloons - everything was perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration. From scheduling, to the pre-party confirmation, and the actual event - everything was professional, extremely organized and well done!

I highly recommend Fire Pixie to anyone planning a party. Erin was just fantastic! Thank you so much for making my granddaughter's 5th birthday a wonderful and memorable event. Erin, you are a true Princess!

Brentwood, CA

I just wanted to let you know that Krista was so good with the kids on Saturday. She was on time, was so patient and performed all the magic and the rest of her program so well. Some of the kids wanted their face painted and Krista was accommodating enough to do that for them. One of the parents said that her son is afraid of magic shows, but this is the first one he sat through. The balloons and the games were a hit too. We all liked her. Thanks for making Natasha's party a success.

Sunnyvale, CA

I just wanted to pass along that Stephanie was absolutely delightful! She was early, animated, kept the children enthralled and the parents entertained and we just couldn't have been happier!! Thank you for really making our party special.

Woodside, CA

We had Erin as the little mermaid. She look and acted the part and the kids LOVED it!! She was AWESOME!!!! Everyone commented on how great she was from organization to keeping the energy up and flowing. It is worth it to pay the extra to get the best! Her balloon work was unbelievable. I used to entertain kids professionally and she really WOW-ED me! We've been to other parties w/ characters

Oakland, CA

Erin was such a beautiful Woodland Fairy. She was terrific with the kids and parents as well. She was patient, fun, lively and her costume was perfect. Erin was great with the kids’ names and made my daughter, the birthday girl, and all of her friends happy. I am extremely glad that we went with Fire Pixie. I plan to have Erin come out again next year. The party was so easy. I didn’t have to worry about keeping the kids entertained and Erin even had a lighter for the candles!

Thank you. I am a very satisfied customer!

Dublin, CA

Erin & Stephanie, aside from having great voices, excellent face painting, story telling and baloon twisting skills and a fabulous costume assortment, made the party sooo easy for me! They are really, really professional. The girls were smitten and Erin & Stephanie genuinely had fun with the girls. They are tops on my list of recommendations

San Francisco

Stephanie was wonderful, magical and fun. She was so thoughtful and considerate. She was a good commicator with me and wowed the kids!  I was very impressed and my daughter was in awe of her. All the kids had a ball. I thought she was the greatest!  She even called me the night before to check in with me (I did not pick up her message until after the party- my fault- but I thought it was very thorough of her.) I would highly recommend her and your company. Please pass this onto her. We all thought she was a true princess!!!!!!!

Atherton, CA

We hired Erin for my daughter’s 4th birthday party and she was fantastic!  We had 17 children whose ages ranged from 3 – 5 coming to the party and I was a little nervous about keeping them all entertained indoors.  From the minute Erin arrived as Cinderella, she captured all of their attention.  Not only was she believable, her activities and timing with this age group were perfect!  She started out with magic, which was very entertaining for both the boys and girls – my daughter still talks about how Tinkerbell flew around in our living room.  She then told the story of Cinderella – again keeping them on the edge of their seats with a really dramatic account of her evening at the ball.  They did a little dancing before the cake was cut and then she twisted balloons.  (We were all impressed she could tie almost ANYTHING while talking with the kids).
Since Erin was so great at keeping the party moving and the children interested, my husband and I were also able to enjoy the party and focus on the birthday girl.  It was a great and very memorable party!  I know my daughter felt very special.  I would highly recommend Erin!

Berkeley, CA

The attitude that Krista and Stephanie brought to our event was the best I have ever experienced. I have used other companies in the past, and they have been O.K. I have had several guests of our event ask for your number and the girls names. I have gladly given all of the information requested.

Allied Refrigeration
Fremont, CA

I just wanted to write to Erin and thank her for being such a wonderful Little Mermaid for Jenna's birthday party. Everyone was VERY happy with her, especially the birthday girl! She kept everyone entertained and happy for over an hour which was fantastic. The children were so happy, it was the best birthday party we've ever had. I would highly recommend you to others and wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Bringing so much joy to children (and keeping them entertained for so long) is a truly special gift...thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Erin, a.k.a. "Cinderella" -

Just wanted to thank you again for making our daughter's 4th birthday so very special! You were the HIT of the party! Who knew Cinderella had so many talents? Balloon animals, face painting, magic tricks - our daughter was raving on and on for days.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for your business. You're the best!

Caren, David, and Hunter
San Francisco, CA

Erin arrives with an eye-opening belt of balloons, all colors of the rainbow. You're first thought is, "Well, at least I won't have to worry about her running out." But when she gets going, you're not so sure: she's fast, lightning fast, and balloons seem to plump the moment she puts them to her lips, a feat that impressed the adults at my party slightly more than the children. But the children had eyes only for what she was doing with the balloons, shaping them into cobras, parrots, octopi, eagles: she backed down from no challenges and the children were delighted.

The age old problem for balloon artists is, of course, how to occupy all the children while one is getting his or her balloon made. Well, she's fascinating to watch, but she's also come up with another answer to this tricky problem. She quickly makes a few balloon swords and challenges the children to sword fight until the balloons pop. Imagine a lawn full of delighted children playing at pirates, a few clustered around her while she deftly twists up fantastical animals and hats.

Have I mentioned the hats? Giant amazing concoctions that seem to have floated out of Dr. Seuss, these towering flights of fancy, involving up to twelve balloons, gloriously crowned my little birthday girl, making her feel that this was truly a special day. My little girl wore hers for days.

All that and she paints faces too! We did manage, with great coaxing, to get our daughter to wash her face paint off. But it wasn't easy. Fire Pixie made the party, and I want her back for next year.

Albany, CA

We have used Erin twice. Once for our daughter's 3rd birthday and once again for our other daughters 5th birthday. Erin did a fabulous job for both birthdays! She was able to entertain 35 children dressed up as cinderella and did storytelling, face painting, bubbles and of course, BALLOONS!! She made sure that every child was having fun and that everyone was attended to. It's such a great pleasure to work with Erin because she's friendly, easy going and the children just love her! We truly recommend Erin to anyone who is planning a party. She has alot of fun and unique ideas to make your parties memorable. You can definitely tell that her number one priority is for children to have fun!

Eileen and Howard
San Francisco, CA