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Harry & Hermione


HermioneTransport your birthday party to a world of magic, wizards and witches. Wands out! Everyone get ready to learn some spells that will make your birthday child remember this day forever.


Harry and Hermione will come with spellbooks and magic wands to amaze and delight your guests. You can book them both together or have just your birthday child's favorite character alone.


Our Harry Potter specializes in truly amazing magic that will leave even the adults scratching their heads. Harry & Hermione will sort the kids into their houses and then lead Hogwarts-style classes like transfiguration (via amazing face painting), divination, charms, or dueling classes. They can even make balloon-twisted broomsticks and lead the kids in an exciting game of Quidditch!


This party is perfect for 7-12 year olds who are excitedly awaiting their first semester at Hogwarts. Wands at the ready!


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