Action Adventure Parties


It's time to grab your backpack, unpack your light saber, and remember where you parked your invisible plane. Get set to have a grand adventure on your birthday... Turn on your imagination and see where it can take you!


Action Adventure birthday party themes are great for boys and for girls. A whirlwind combo of magic, games, balloon animal twisting and more awaits your guests with any of our Action characters.


Star Wars Characters for Birthday Party

Star Wars


Spider Hero


Super Hero


Bat Hero

Captain America

Captain USA

Wonder Woman

Woman Wonder

Pirate Birthday


Ninja for Birthay Party


Super Mario

Super Mario

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Theme

Explorer Girl

Cars Birthday Party Theme

Cars Mechanic

Peter Pan Birthday Party

Peter Pan

Toy Story Birthay Party Theme

Toy Story

Animal or Dinosaur Birthday Party


Construction Bob the Builder Birthday Party Theme


Thomas Birthday Party Theme

Train Engineer

Cowgirl or Cowboy for Birthday Party


Scooby Doo Birthday Party Theme

Harry Potter

Book It