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Swimming Mermaid  

Little MermaidFor true magic to convince even the non-believers, invite a Swimming Mermaid to your pool party and watch the kids' faces light up as they jump in the pool and swim with a real mermaid!

Our mermaids sing, swim, and play water games with your guests and will leave your birthday girl with absolutely no doubt that mermaids are real and magic is everywhere.

Types of Show Available:

Mermaid Kid's show:
A real, live mermaid will come and swim in the pool with your birthday girl and her friends, or at a summer pool party just for fun. She can do magic tricks and glitter tattoos poolside, then spend time splashing and swimming with the kids. Ages 3+, private or public pool. We've got Mermaid Ariel and Mermaid Elsa, along with lots of less famous mermaids.

Mermaid Lesson:
A mermaid will come and teach your older kids or adult what it's like to be a mermaid. We can bring up to 3 "loaner" mermaid tails and teach how to swim in like a mermaid, do mermaid makeovers, and initiate new mermaids into our Mermaid Pod. Ages 8+, private or public pool

Mermaid Appearance:
Up to 3 mermaids will appear in your private or resort pool, or for dry-land parties, with a gorgeous mermaid "throne". We will swim around and provide photo opportunities and create magic for your guests. Great for all ages, this show works well at 50th birthdays, winery or wine club events, corporate events, bat mitzvahs or dream weddings.

Mermaid Fortune Tellers:
A mermaid will tell fortunes (or misfortunes) to your guests, enticing them to explore the depths of their emotions and find the magical creature inside. Best for dry-land parties.

Swimming Mermaids

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Not having a pool party? Our walking mermaid is also available.

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