Storybook Characters


Get a cool visit from a real-life Barbie, or fall down the rabbit-hole with Alice in Wonderland to find a mad-hatter tea party awaiting you at the bottom. Get swept away to Oz with Dorothy and Glinda, or visit your favorite garden with Strawberry Shortcake.

The choices are endless when you let your imagination take the reins. Storybook parties are limited only by the scope of your dreams. Choose face-painting, bubbles, storytelling, puppetry, or anything else your heart desires from our list of activities. Or come up with your own! Nothing is sweeter than the true heart's desires of a child.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party
Alice in Wonderland

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party
Wizard of Oz

Harry Potter Birthday Party
Harry Potter

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
Missy Mouse

Barbie Birthday Party

Peter Pan Birthday Party
Peter Pan

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party
Strawberry Shortcake

Hello Kitty Birthday Party
Hello Kitten

Candyland Frostine Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Birthday Party
Doc McStuffins

Hello Kitty Birthday Party
Care Bear

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