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Bubble Magic
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Bubble Magic

Our bubble artists create giant iridescent bubbles, taking viewers into a world of wonder and delight. If you have never experienced the amazing color shifting happiness a bubble can bring, then you and your guests are in for a truly unique experience. Adults love to watch them float weightlessly through the air, reflecting the sunset or the trees all around, and kids love nothing more than to run around and pop as many as they can! This is a fantastic outdoor activity and is a delight for kids and adults alike. Bubbles bring out the joy and delight in every viewer. We will have them laughing and popping and dancing for joy.

Shane's Bubble Recipe

Mike's "Stir-&-Go"

Mike Ashe writes: This recipe which I call "Stir & Go" is a variation of Mike Miller's "Mike's Gooey Mix" found at Soap Bubble Wiki. I did a LOT of experimenting to get these amounts just right.


  • 1 gallon of HOT tap water

  • .5 gallon of COLD tap water

  • .5 level teaspoon (1.5g) of J-Lube (see note)


  1. Fill bucket with 1 gallon of the hottest tap water possible. (Mark your bucket at this level for future mixes so you can fill directly from the sink.)

  2. Sprinkle in the J-Lube as slowly as possible to avoid clumping while quickly stirring the water with a chopstick. (I use a coated/lacquered chopstick to keep the J-Lube from sticking and accumulating on it, you can probably use a knife or fork.)

  3. Continue stirring for a minute.

  4. Add .5 gallon of cold tap water.

  5. (Mark the bucket at this level for future mixes.)

  6. Pour in the Dawn and let it settle on the bottom of the bucket without stirring.

  7. Now, sprinkle in the baking powder while quickly stirring the entire solution. You may feel the solution thicken after a few stirs!

  8. Once all the baking powder on top has been mixed in, you're ready to make some awesome bubbles.

  9. Don't forget to pray for gentle and steady wind, high humidity, and no bugs!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The amount of J-Lube you use may have to be adjusted. This recipe is based on full-potency J-Lube. The result will be a slightly stringy mix. The amount of J-Lube is about 8 times what we call the nominal minimum effective concentration (NMEC) of fresh J-Lube (see PEO). If your mix is not "stringy" (see the PEO article) at all you may need to increase the amount by 2-4 times.

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